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About Rogue

Rogue's upbringing alongside a wild animal sanctuary in Africa ignited her imagination and cultivated her deep appreciation for conservation and diversity. With roots in Lithuania, Africa, and the Middle East. She grew up in a multicultural household where English was a second language.

Her family's journey from South Africa to New Zealand and then to Australia enriched her life experiences. She pursued an academic path, attending law school with a double major in psychology. Also attending courses in Jerusalem, Israel and Washington DC, USA. 

Rogue's career took a unique turn as a public relations specialist, working on  Academy award campaigns for films such as "Slumdog Millionaire," "Man on Wire," and "The Cove," gaining insights into audience desires and pitching skills. This divergence from filmmaking provided her with valuable insights into audience desires and the art of pitching, making her a stronger advocate for her own creative endeavours.

She ventured into television producing and writing, working with major studios such as Entertainment One, Fox, Paramount, Sharp Entertainment, BET, STX, and Disney.  Rogue excelled as an executive producer and director in unscripted TV, with projects like a two-hour NBC special and shows such as "Dr. Phil," "90 Day Fiance," and "Mary, Mary." Additionally, she worked on scripted projects - Mary and Max, Jack The Dog, Pearl and YouTube sensation "Dirty Laundry" (one million views in one day). 


Upon starting her boutique commercial production company, Rogue produced and directed million-dollar commercials for prestigious clients such as the NFL, Jack Daniels, Burt's Bees, Meow Mix, and more. Her hands-on approach took these projects from conceptualization to delivery, showcasing her talent for crafting compelling narratives and visually stunning advertisements.

In 2017, she made history by writing and directing a short Virtual Reality film featuring Jon Hamm as a hologram, premiering at Sundance.

In 2022, her documentary "LION SPY" garnered critical acclaim, showcasing her courage in an undercover mission to protect lions in Africa. She was recognized as "Women Who Inspire" by WHO WEEKLY and "The Lion Queen" by The Women's Weekly. She was invited to screen in UK parliament and her film is being used to help the Henry P. Smith Bill. 

Her directorial debut in feature narrative film, "Love In Bloom," premiered on Hulu and GAC, trending on Twitter.

In 2022, she received a nomination for an Australian Director Guild Award, for her film Lion Spy. 

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