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Lion Queen - All Things Lion Spy

Links to world press for Lion Spy in one spot:

Obviously, it is a little tough to catch ALL the press. But, here are some links.

UK Sunday Express Feature:

Lion Queen Feature:

The Sun UK:

The Jewish Chronicle:

The Guardian:

UK Film and TV News:

ABC NEWS International:

Jewish Chronicle UK

Largest circulated magazine in Australia – Women’s Weekly –

ABC piece


Double Page in WHO magazine: Women Who Inspire:

Jewish News COVER

News Week

Film Ink Magazine:

Film Threat:

Greek City Times:

The Language of Film

TV Interviews (incase you want to know what I look like):

Sky News:

ABC Morning TV Australia

Channel 10 Australia

Channel 9 Australia

Sunrise Australia

Richard Wilkins Movie Reviews:

Radio (this is one of the hardest to capture - and I know I talked and talked) :

The Morning Crew:

Richard Glover:

ABC Radio

Triple M

ABC Queensland

ABC Brisbane


Hope 103

3CR Radio


The following are very small grabs of some reviews and online press. This section was too large to amalgamate.


On Line:

Focus on Wildlife

Live News International


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